I just tried to turn back on my iPad and was really concerned I’d somehow broken it. Until... I realized I was pressing down on the volume key. *womp womp* 

My natural inclination is to Segway into a that’s kind of how today has been. But it hasn’t been. Or rather, it’s been paradoxically unexpected with both the didn’t do what I intended to do but did some things I needed to do (relax and rest!!!) all while having some Dali-esque moments along the way. 

The accident (s) Friday really wore me out. As did trying to start this new venture of my home not being my parents home. (I read an article earlier about chronic anxiety and depression that is right on  https://medium.com/@wilw/my-name-is-wil-wheaton-i-live-with-chronic-depression-and-generalized-anxiety-i-am-not-ashamed-8f693f9c0af1 and in parts of it he says something like “mom I know you will read this and it will upset you. Please don’t be.  This is a sentiment I share in case my parents decide to read this or last nights post.) So the accident wore me out. And xacto knife to finger.. And yesterday being 15 years. This morning I awoke to my parents getting ready to go to DC and my mom fluttering and throwing nervous energy worry darts around the house and my dad with a fidgety worry about me needing to call my insurance company about the accident and other various and sundry. I wasn’t 15 minutes awake and had a slew of anxious energy thrown at me. In a the way that just wiped me out. I did a little work. And took my first nap in my Barca lounger listening to Andre Segovia and couldn’t focus after. So I got an ok to be a day late on my commission and have a day of rest. 

There was also a flash storm that made me think so much of Flash Gordon intro! I was driving my dads truck back from Lowe’s at this point with windshield wipers at full blast and the cab steaming up inside so I could barely see the lines. And then HAIL!!! And a tree down a few houses down from my rents that took the power out.  

Sooooo... unexpected day. But a day of rest in which I got to hang with a friend and watch tv, eat mac’n’cheese w spinach (the over 30 edition— classy), and play with s dog.  

someday I want to have a German Shepard. I’d name it Lars. 



Christina Osheim