It’s 10:37pm and I have so much to write and not at all sure what TO write. Especially as I wanted to be asleep an hour ago. Or done with this stuff so I could have a fun hour before bed. But you could say that I had fun earlier today. And all is fair in love and daily rituals!  

I like the word ritual rather than chore. Semantics do make a difference! I’m really enjoying life right now. I will be so sad when I say good bye to these kids as a babysitter. I’ve had/am having an incredible time.  

And my toes still tingle. It’s getting to the weird kind of burning bit. I wonder if that means they’re coming back to life again?!!  

Anyway.... I started thinking and visualizing and closed my eyes... I think other visualization wants to happen. 10.0 Lansing for sleep time!!! Gold medal dreams all around. Synaptic fireworks abound! Huzzah!  

Christina Osheim