my feet hurt, my eyes are drooping, it’s been a good day. I did chores- some chores that I have been uncomfortable doing. But need to find my groove with. It’s a bit of a suck it up buttercup moment. And I’ll get used to it. It’ll be like brussel sprouts! I now think they’re great!

i have been taking care of friends kids and will now be doing it more often. I had the best time with them!!! At one point I had three 4 year olds sitting on my stomach bouncing up and down laughing like lunatics (myself included!) it was brilliant.  

A friend and I also got tickets yesterday to go a tutu extravaganza! The Trockadero- ballet in drag. I am so excited. I went to a friends opening and had good conversation and dinner with her after.

i am tired. But good tired. I need to read step 10 in 12&12 and get ready for my 10th step meeting tomorrow. Sooooo Gnite all!  


Christina Osheim