Placebo effect. It is a mythical fact that bemuses and baffles and delights me. If I think to hard about it I could argue that much in beliefs is defined or refined by the placebo effect. But as I think my new anxiety medication is working I kinda don’t care. 

And that’s such a funny thing. I want to be aware that I may believe in something that is only in my head (har har I get the irony of all of this as my anxiety meds DO effect the chemicals in my head.) but let’s call it the metaphoric mind. (I’m an alliterative junkie. Obviously.)

im feeling I can do it. It as in life. Which is good. I’m getting stuff done, including a nap, and am watching Buffy the vampire slayer which is kinda brilliant to rewatch. The best thing is Spike should soon become a regular creature (hahahahahahaha) on the show. Hurrah!

Anyway, I’m tired. Time to sleep. Tomorrow is another day.



Christina Osheim