a good friend gave me a tarot card reading that was spot on.


I followed that up by watching the real housewives of Beverly Hills, a show I can actually enjoy. Hahahaha, oh man, the truths I tell with the assumption that no one other than my sis in law (ciao!) will read it. Worse case then is: she laughs and tells my bro who will don the expected groan and grimace... 🤣🤣🤣

this was inspiring though! And fits with my love of the absurd!

I also got photographs back and loaded and am so happy with them. It is time for me to get brave and see what can happen next in my art land. I am scared and have been procrastinating. I haven’t procrastinated too much in sobriety but come April I just got worn out and a bit defeated. I am no longer feeling as tired or defeated just scared of what will happen if I let loose and trust my tools, the steps, my community and my hand.  So perhaps I can think of all of this as an unveiling. Rawer but purer— god that reads like I’m writing about hard drugs. So time to get this owlet into bed— a twin I take care of has renamed herself “Rainbow-Dash Owlet Cutie-Pie” Hahahaha, I will take her middle name and roll with it tonight. Hoot hoot, time to dream! 


Christina Osheim