it’s 8:04am and I am writing early today. Partially to let you, my dear readers, know of some minor shifts that are going to happen for the next few weeks.

Right now I am taking care of a friends 4 kids every day for a few hours. They’re also Scandinavian and I am having the best time with these Vikings. I also have very strict policies on privacy. They are not my children and specifics need to be restrained. So much of my daily joy and elation is coming from the adventures or misadventures I have with these kids and will remain ours, private from this platform.

I also am trying to rework my clay work schedule. Hanging out with these kids is great as I was beginning to feel like I was becoming so self involved working for myself. I this I that me Me me. So I’m trying to do a cleanse in a way. Get my body adjusted to my new anxiety meds (I currently have a minor headache as a result) and find a schedule that is right sized for all aspects of my work.  

So I won’t be explicit in this for a while. I think my challenge will be to see if I can share the tone, theme, sense of the day through a simple post. Pictures, a haiku or poem, drawing or some such thing.  

I am tired and need to restock my fuel reserves. So I’m not going to feel bad about being quiet and drinking coffee and mentally figuring out my day. I am going to have Joy that I can and go out and do the next right thing and add my brand of spice to the world!  

Christina Osheim