I have now done step 10 for 1 week. It’s funby as those 5 minutes are really what much of this blog has been. Or rather, I am sorting through my day in a different manner. More private and yet more transparent. But a transparency that shows in my daily action. 

It makes me think about translation. Languages. And all of the cues that we react and respond to that are so specialized and localized. 

perhaps it’s that we are all needing to realize that our fluency is in very specific ways and that there are so many other languages and lexicons we are unaware of  

darn. All I’d this possibly reads as so pretentiously esoteric when really it’s me saying how little I know. How having gotten used to one habit— writing my blog before bed I’m struggling finding a rhythm of blogging after doing an inventory and texting it to my sponsor.  

So goodnight dear friends! It is now for me to enter the lexicon of magic and listen to Harry Potter while playing a phone game to prep for the HP Trivia at the end of this month before my eyes shut and I enter yet another world. 


Christina Osheim