I’m heading to bed. It’s 8:30 and I’m in my pjs door locked medicine taken and book ready. 

I am taking some time to be and sleep and realign. 

my legs are coming back to life! It’s fascinating as the nerves and muscles are spasmodically returning to function. How strange becoming in one sense a modern day Prometheus. 

ive kinda taken a bit of a hiatus of doing even semi decent blogs. A part of me is like why not just stop because so much of what I’m thinking feels “shaken not stirred.”  

Maybe me being so today turvy (my phone changed to turbulent... Hahahaha) is why I should.  

I made amends in MN. It was so good. I saw me and I saw the state and it feels put to rest. It’s now a place I can go, explore, and make wonderful new memories at. 

There’s lots more that’s going on inside my head. 

all of it pretty darn positive but just nothing I have the words to use yet. Sleep!!  

Christina Osheim