I’m blogging earlier than usual. It’s 11:30 and I’ve gotten a chunk of things done. I am taking some deep breaths and getting ready to throw. Nothing blew up. 

i am doing it. Not perfectly. Not on a super speedy schedule but I am doing it. My business is growing. My work is tightening up. I’m loosening up. 😜 I am making my amends. And making them honestly. How they are received and resolved is out of my control. I will get done what I can.

and I will be me. I am ridiculous. That can be both bad and good.  And somehow I need to have a flexible adjective to describe myself. Intense seems... so intense... ugh. I am also intense, but like to think in the David the gnome fashion. 

The mouse urn has become my spirit pot- it in itself is ridiculous. Fussy. Annoying. Hard to get Right. But hilarious wonderful when it is! Although a potted plant urn, elephant ash urn, or umbrella stand is not what I imagine being in life. Hahahahahahahahaha 


ok; gotta throw.  


Christina Osheim