oh my poor blog. I have been a bit absent the past few days. It’s a lot of small reasons that going into has seemed overly self indulgent and a very sad, very heavy heart. 

A friend lost a son. The details are hers and private, but the rapidity of it has left me and many surrounding feeling a bit lost. 

I am feeling my feelings. As that is the only path through. Or healthy path through. I do laugh and enjoy things and make jokes. But they are a skin in a way. I am mourning.  

And I haven’t known how to write about it without... without becoming whiney and full of self pity. So I feel, and art, and make and share. I give bits of me that I love put into the world to use my positive energy to even out the negative. Because even if I am sad and grieving various things, I do believe my energy is positive. 

todays highlight was hanging out with a friend, making krumkake with kiddos and introducing her 4 bambini to David the Gnome. It was a moment that brought immense joy to my heart and reminds me why it is so important to feel our feelings, incorporate it into the warp and weft of our weave and use it to enrich life in a positive manner. 



Christina Osheim