sometimes I wonder if my tingly feet can be a diving rod. Follow the tingles. The oracle says...

when I was trying to get sober, before I said that tingle toes where a thing, it freaked me out. I thought I was going mad. My reality was *poof* gone. As the tingles felt like my foot was thumping and the ground was undulating. Goodness, with my inner ear benign proximital positional vertigo I was quite literally 3 sheets to the wind. 

And gosh, it took me about another 6 months to mention that my nerves were problematic. I really was convinced that I must be diabetic.  

I guess I write this as a reminder of how easily I can put blinders on. And how important, essential honesty is. Right now I’m so excited about what is happening and where things are heading. I am trying to live in the moment and enjoy the journey. But I am also worried about projecting or letting fear dictate or or or. I sometimes am almost convinced that my neuropathy will pass. It seems to really be getting better. But thump and itch and not being able to really feel continues.

My guess is all that Is floating around in my head right now is me making many mole hills to worry about how scared I am to have my commissions go out. To let this beast free. 

my friends daughter was lying on my chest earlier today after I was making her an airplane or doing aerial yoga with he. Anyway, she (about 4) was laying on top of me looking down at my face and roaring. I was roared at and it was brilliant. That is what I am beginning to do myself. Roar. And roar unabashedly free.  


Christina Osheim