Jackie O’s cranking away. I am curious if I will still have crazy, anxiety dreams or if my anxiety meds and breathe practice are doing their job and remedying this. 

Much is changing right now. I am changing and how I place myself in the world. Today is 17 months sober. Holy hell, I couldn’t see myself where I am now 17 months ago.

I guess the biggest thing that I want to focus on is the joy I am living now. Even when the shit hits the fan, I might not get what I want, a chic kiln is determining my first wholesale order to Harvard Art Museums Shop (!!!!!!!!!!!!). It’s pretty cool. I’m learning to stand firm in myself and not let wanting to be liked dictate how I act.


i am also embracing this paradox. And that if I am going to aim to live my life in the middle you could argue that I am a walking paradox then with a scabby, itchy infuriating scraped knee and itchy hands (hello dry skin and clay) 

Christina Osheim