oh boy oh boy oh boy! Today has been a razzle dazzle day and man I have shone!!! Things are moving forward. In a direction I like. Nothing is guaranteed, but everything is moving in a happy direction and at this very moment in time I’m feeling hopeful. A friend was saying a few weeks ago that hope is one of the words that doesn’t have any other context than what it is. Hope. Or etymological root. It is a pure word. That makes me so happy! 

So good things today- did the nyt crossword, saw some friends, gave away a shelf that was given to me, made contacts and pursued some awesome opportunities, paid my utilities bill, put car in my gas— whooops mind racing to far ahead— has in my car, have a pop up shop scheduled at Lee’s Flowers in U st in DC for Friday May 25th, threw some pots, wore my favorite T and finished my day uncovering a gift! My favorite type of gift- an unexpected art- it’s like an unplanned poem. Pretty darn awesome! 

high five works! Let’s razzle it up!!! 


Christina Osheim