Kroger has free cholesterol screening for the month of February. That is how I feel today. Abreal. My new word to be this century’s version of surreal. It’s not away from reality is is from reality.

Today has been a life changing day. A seed has been planted with a possibility. I can just keep my garden weeded and watered and see how it grows. Someone club me for all the bad metaphors I write. I do all kinds. Mixed, bad, silly, honest, funny... annoying. Blech! 

This whole day and year thus far feels so abreal. I am a dancing marionette trying to keep moving at the speed of the ground underneath. Because that is what it seems like. As I work and out stuff out the landscape changes and i run, walk, prance, Jazzercise my way across it as gracefully (Hahahahahaha- that’d be the day) as I can. And my feet tingle and currently itch. And if I ever have a sip of alcohol again I will most likely die quickly. Abreal indeed.

And I can get my cholesterol tested at Kroger. World, you are a strange strange place. Ok. It’s 9:25, this birdies gotta settle into my nest and have a happy half hour of halcyon hijinks in my mental mole hole (I’m such a dork!) before sleep. Night everyone!

Christina Osheim