It’s 11:55pm and I am sitting at a funny pseudo desk in my church’s main office, waiting for acrobat pro to install on their computer so I can print my 11x17” catalogues. My poor poppa is here with me for moral support and to drive. 


I gave up the rolley chair and am not sitting on a folding step stool. And now dads in the rolley chair reading a book. Possibly Gutenberg’s original bible!!! (Jk)

I leave for NYC in just a few hours. This is all so delightful and mad and crazy and and and...  

I am ready, but wish I had more time to sleep. That being said I’m sure it is in my nature to push until I scream in pain yelling uncle.  

Perhaps that is the addict personality. Always testing the limits. Or needing the next hit of something! Who knows! But now adobe is downloaded!!! Next post NYC bay bee!  


I screamed uncle about 15 minutes after. PDF catalogue it is. Guttenberg told be to fuck off. He’s too tired to print. (The ghost of the printer not my dad. My dad doesn’t use words like fuck.)

Christina Osheim