Today has been fantastic!!! My new class started. I have found that when I start a class it’s like giving a party- I am ready (or for all intents and purposes ready as there is always stuff you can be doing to prep) and I think “what if...” and have a moment and then it starts and you’re in the middle. Finding out what the flow is and how you can best direct it.

Aka it was a great first class! A lot got done and fun was had! I really do love teaching and this new space will help me let grow. I just have to remind myself to take my excitement and ideas and anything can be built and make sure that its kindling for their ideas. Aka, not to be too aggressive or too you should do X. But why don’t you try x and see what happens.

It was good and I have ideas of where and how I can prepare for next week. Plus how cool that I can set up the space so it’s ideal for students.  

I also got my new oven today. Oh boy! I am excited. 

And it is now 8:30 and time for bed I think. I am happy to feel like myself again. And happier still as I’ve gotten my hands messy! #lovemylife #clay4life

Christina Osheim