I feel me again. I had to pull myself back to the center. Realign myself. In many ways NY NOW literally shifted the blocks I’m on. I’ve had to figure out how I am placing myself within them. 

They’ve changed in the direction I want them to. I couldn’t be happier about what is happening and what may happen. The connections I’m making and the places my pots could travel. And the plans. Things are moving forward. And I am feeling centered and able to hold the reigns and let my pots adventure.  


(1.5 hrs later) 

I am back home and arrived home just in time to see Norwegian women win cross country relay! Yes!!! Perfect way to end an awesome night. Especially as this was finished by a 37 yo norsk lady who set a world record for Olympic golds! (Seven) huzzah! Or hipp hipp hurra!

Today I do feel I’ve regained my equilibrium and sense of humor. I’m ready to go forward with this mad adventure called life and keep putting my work into making the world better. I am an idealist and I tried to hide it because it wasn’t cool or seemed naive. I am at the stage of fuck it! I’m going to live and work for and by my ideals with the understanding that ideals by definition are unrealistic, unattainable and often considered naive. But go forward with the belief that my little voice and my two hands can shift the paradigm just a touch. 

I also had a mini freak out about who is reading this blog. I joke about it thinking maybe someone I have a crush on is following it. That I am too transparent. And then I realized possible customers, strong leads from ny now could be following this. Find out I’m a recovering alcoholic. Find out I’m worried about the future. Money is a concern. Right thought right action. Missteps. Not being enough of something. Ergo, that I’m human. And today I figure it’s possible that some have. And written me off as a company worth stocking. It is possible. But that it is also possible that upon reading this blog (it will be ONE on Monday!!! And I’ll be 16 months!) they will see how diligent, thoughtful, hardworking and caring I am. And full of joy.

So today I found my joy again. I spun my webs, made steps forward and hung out with a friend & her kiddos and made flour lefse! And then babysat for another friends and hung out with her kids! It was great. And the Norwegians won gold! This Norwegian American feels just the same! So Gnite everyone! Til tomorrow! Xo    

god natt alle sammen! 


Christina Osheim