I got an iPad for nynow. It was a good move and is useful at shows. And today I’m giving writing my blog on it a shot. It’s so funny how used to my little iPhone my thumb has become, streaming out gobbledygook with remarkable rapidity. And now... it’s really my right index and left thumb. A paradigm shift!!!

I feel like I am also going through a shift. I’m molting. What was will not be and how I move now won’t be an echo. It’s like that reading at yesterday’s meeting “I didn’t get sober for this shit.” To quote a bearded sage in my hg “I got sober to razzle fucking dazzle!” And for me right now that is learning how to be the me I am now. How what I had thought wasn’t/isn’t and what is will be what it will be and I am deciding how I will place myself and respond.

a paradigm shift is occurring. Something I assumed would be isn’t and I now feel like I have the possibility of a Saturday! It feels like a gift. And something I can use to make ME more effective as a friend, family member, artist, community member, business owner, maker and giver. It’s so strange. The thought now is how can I use this day to better the world and my work. Because I really am Florence freaking nightingale! (Jk) but it’s a gift in a way. If I can use it. And I’m thinking open studio w some classes. Blow the doors wide open and make making community. 

I also am at the end stages of a migraine that has taken me out today. So I’m writing this before book group and a meeting. It’s been good to rest, though. I’ve started doing a lot of visualization which is helping me process and plan my tasks. So happy 💕’s all around.


Christina Osheim