a blog a blog, my kingdom for a blog.

i had thought about writing this earlier today, but got distracted. I am still working on the 3 easy to accomplish things from yesterday. Hahaha, easy to accomplish, but takes time to do them right. 

a favorite quote of mine goes something like “I haven’t lost my mind... half of it wandered off and the other half went to find it.”

i am still living in this abreal world. It is real, very real. And I am making my small little actions that are in many ways so minor. But could be something. I don’t have the words to describe it. But half my mind is wandering off into new worlds and possibilities and the other half is finding it and making them.  

all of this philosophical hypothetical theoretical idealistic Mumbo jumbo for what is really just s simple cylinder that is altered. its so funny what my little head does. 

Sooooo, tonight it’s going to go to sleep. And dream of cats and scategories and flipping images and salmon.  

Night everyone. Tomorrow I may make more sense, but I very well may not as my head is full. But full in a good way of good things. Possibilities. I just need to go find them 😜 


Christina Osheim