I didn’t get my list done, but I had a good full day and got lots finished and finished well. Tomorrow the journey will continue.

i also dreamed. Dreamt? Had dreams? Considered possibilities.  And started the ball rolling for one. I bought the domain names for letsclay.co and letsclay.co.com

My dream an online loosely curated  marketplace for current clay. Current clay defined as artists and makers who are pushing the conceptual and physical side of clay and or making work through the lens of their ceramic background and training. There will be no fees, no recommendations for photography, placement, sales pitches. There will be no selected works “hot items” to be ranked as if you pay money. The design of the site may change to reflect season and holiday but only in a basic way.  There will be no fee to sell on this site and artists/business  will be listed by name w/ a sales avatar (piece of their work).

There will be full transparency. A page that the expenses of running this listed with visuals. Names and card ‘s x’d our. There will be a donate button and every dollar or cent given will go to pay off the costs of the site and any paid labor for upkeep. If more money is donated than the upkeep cost it will go iinto a savings account to have $1500 in reserve and after that an artist grant fund. 

The artist grant fund is open to anyone who sells there. And is also transparent. The money is meant to help someone push their work to a new level. Could be a piece of equipment, a residency, a show, taking a class, hiring someone part time. Every vendor has a vote and whomever gets the most votes gets the grant. Lets Clay is a non profit.

Artists will have to apply, send a link to their website and work to get a username and selling portal. Once accepted and selling through the market if work is deemed inappropriate or not aligned with the business philosophy the artist/maker will be asked to remove it. Failure to do so in a timely fashion would get them removed. 


Aaaaaaaand, this is the fundamentals of what I’ve been thinking about and gotten started. It’s kinda awesome and kinda crazy. A friend of mine has agreed to help be part of the curatorial staff and I have a third person in mind. What I’d like to see is more unexpexted clay. 

I have this whole low brow high brow flip flop going on in my head right now. I think the fine arts of the 80’s and 90’s is dying. Or even fine craft. It seems like the economic gap that seems to be splitting things is also hitting the art world as well. And so maybe, especially with clay already rich with the art/craft divide you could work to make the low brow high brow in an affordable way. Make the act of living and mundane banal action ones of spiritual/psychical/surreal/abreal experience. I guess i just hope that good thoughtful clay can make it to the hands of people and be the touch for change. Be insidious. Be something that makes one think without realizing you’re thinking.

and goodness gracious I am an idealistic lunatic! Or an idealist. Not sure when or how this will happen or to what level it will go. But this baby’s now a cabbage plant in the patch waiting to be watered and grow!  (and a very small man in a red suit, dancing strangely to eerie music comes from behind the red velvet curtain in the background and says to me slowly and backwards “bad metaphor” and clobbers me with a coffee pot that happens to have a cod in it...)

nighty night folks. No wkrrries, tomorrow I am sure I will have discovered the formula for cold fusion and forgotten this mad idea! 🤣


I’m getting one of these! Ha! It will actually be such a useful tool! It will help me get my orders made efficiently and effectively. Huzzah! 

Christina Osheim