Life continues to shift. I spent the evening going to town, or perhaps trying to force my way into town, with Instagram shop integration. I *think* I may have it done correctly, but..... eeeeek! Tomorrow will let me know and then I can figure out where I want to put my ad money. Mad Money. That would be great - a show about the insanity of all of this self published madvertising. I have the delightful cone “dunce” cap perched proudly on my corner and recite “watch the you tube videos” over and over ad Infinitum. 

it has been a good day.  

I so often psych myself out. I need to get my head back in the game and remind myself that if I can only control my thoughts actions reactions then if I don’t use the power I have to make/live the life I am wanting to I am responsible for not being happy joyous and free. 

i went to another meeting today and need to get to more. I’ve been playing it too loose with my attendance. I need to try and get back to every other day as the bare minimum of meetings I attend. 

All in all a very happy day. 

night everyone!!! Can’t bekieve tomorrow is the 31st!!!! 


Christina Osheim