the circle is my favorite shape. It holds everything and nothing. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons I like the Möbius strip so much. A circle with a twist 😉 it really is the poem By Robert Desnos

The track I’m running onWon’t be the same when I turn back
It’s useless to follow it straight
I’ll return to another place
I circle around but the sky changes
Yesterday I was a child
I’m a man now
The world’s a strange thing
And the rose among the roses
Doesn’t resemble another rose.

life repeats itself, circles around, loops in and out and comes back to a point but different spot on the axis or some crap like that. I have friends who have studied things like that which I cannot even remember the title of.... hahahaha. Whooops.  

Since becoming sober I am feeling do many things in my life circling back to other times before. It really is like the cat with 9 lives. I already feel I’ve lived a few in this body and aspects of bits keep informing the others.  

I have fallen into this amazing group of 3 women (and me) we have really become our own coven for lack of a better word. So different but similar in the struggles we face. We have a group chat that happens every day with us sharing the good, the bad and the ugly in each. Challenging preconceptions and sharing ideas or beliefs we’ve been growing. I mentioned to them via sms that they were going to be tonight’s story and that I keep it anonymous. One texted me this “Ooo! You can call me Bernice!! She’s my alter ego.” 😆😆😆

I like being challenged. Or rather- I don’t like being challenged because it means I may be wrong. But it is good when I am because I have to stop pause and re-evaluate. And by doing so expand.  

OH!!!! G. and i had a fantastic interaction today. I wonder if the cna’s and nurses all think I’m a nut with how I am working with g. And some of the other residents. But they are noticing a difference. I need to check and see if the amazon fire has been purchased or will be purchased for him because if not I think I probably will. I work this weekend and can carve it 1x1 time- I will try to remember to bring clay. I cannot wait to do a collaborative project. I went on a date with a guy and we were talking about matrix or matrixes, matrices?) and creative applications. COOL! I am now wondering if there is a simple system of those that I can apply to the finishing his work. Hmmmm. Lots to think about. But i must remember to keep it simple! 


Christina Osheim