The countdown to when I can say goodbye to 2018 begins! I have a few loose straws I want to tie up, and information together for next year. I’m hoping to get a business plan made for 2019 and details surrounding the coming months and studio/business intentions.  

2018 has involved so much of trying things with my business and being open about my emotions with others. I have learned that it is necessary to take risks with both, but now with business how I can research/detect unhealthy choices sooner. And with my heart that it is important to be open about feelings, but also not let those feelings take on a life of there own.  

I am just itching to make. Right now my bro and sis in law are visiting and it’s so nice just to be with my family! The three of us went to Montpelier and had a nice time together. I realize more and more with my sobriety and the work I have done to learn right thinking and right action how similar he and I really are. It is so cool!! I love that when I hang out with them it is family that are also dear beloved friends.  

Anyway, I am going to catch some zzz’s as tomorrow is my parents 50th! I have things to wrap, a cake to bake, laundry to fold and family adventures to have. 

ill report back tomorrow. 


Christina Osheim