Yesterday was the winter solstice and tonight is the full moon. Man, things are shifting and changing. This year is almost over and for the first time in my life I find myself waiting patiently for the rebirth of the calendar.. 

i am back at my apartment snd it is so good to be home. I am so happy I stayed with my friend and supported her through s difficult period. And I’m now happy to be in my own bed. 

2018 has really been the year of accepting i cannot do it all, I am not Wonder Woman.  

Looking around my room I see boxes of stuff I just have not made the time to deal with and have left sitting gathering dust, becoming ents, staging an overthrow. I realize how the next journey in my sobriety is cleanliness. Not bodily cleanliness, I feel I am pretty clean, but in mind and space tidiness. 

Ive sold some more of my work. Score for the graveling peddler. And my student is working and making some magnificent pieces. Jackie o should be cooling off. And life is pretty darn good.  

Okay, time to run off snd plan the next round of adventures. 


Christina Osheim