doing the next right thing and helping others really is a good model. It works. Today I went to church and saw some of my favorite kiddos do a Xmas pageant. The sermon was about sharing— you have 2 coats give 1 away, but much more in depth and philosophical. 

I am staying with a good friend as a support while she undergoes a transition. For me it was a day of quiet, napping, knitting and watching movies. It was a day of rest I needed very badly and the result is I feel like I’ve been given a tremendous gift by helping as I can.  

Nothing is ever as OMG AHHHHHHHH in real life as it is in my head. Or very rarely. Breathe and reboot is a good slogan for year 2 of sobriety. At the end of my tenure I will have a Daisy chain of mottos, none of which I can do without!  

ok. Sleep. Night all.


Christina Osheim