I have not been writing detailed or informative posts this past week. I have been trying my damndest to ignore the pink elephant trying to fit in porta potty. 

Last weeks arrival of the majority of my favorite work destroyed has put s damper on me and made me question so many things about my chosen profession. And in this particular case after a year of growing pains I had/have to wonder: is this experience indicative of what me trying to enter the market is. Am I not good enough? Should I pack it up, or begin to pack it up? 

And then the question how do I open up this vulnerability to the world. Ask for help. Express my feeling off balance and very very small and insignificant.  

Things have been happening in other aspects of mg life. in those cases i can step in as a friend and share mg experience strength and hope and be a bedrock. I am happy to do it. I realized today that i won’t let people in to help me in this way. 

So i shared this with two close friends today. That i am feeling scared.  and it helped. Now I am expressing it here. And that helps.

tonkhjt a friend took me to see Dave Matthews band and I really enjoyed it. It was escape and i needed escape. Now it’s 12:30 and i am so tired!!! Good. Kent! 



Christina Osheim