A friend and her daughter came over to watch the election with me. I watched little bits and had to tune it out. Her daughter got bored, I asked her what she likes to do. “Crafting” was the response. (Picture emoji of hands rubbing together here) 

knitting i ask? 


You sure? I am making these for my bro? 


im a good teacher. 


what about beading? 

i like beads

and out I bail my tool box of beading supplies I’ve been carrying with me since I was 21. And she made a bracelet! She rocked it and I out a little button charm on the end. 

tomorrow night I’ll go do a moon something with her mom, my friend, and some other people.  

It all feels right. As does stopping at 9:19 and getting ready for bed to wake up at 6 to exercise and then hit a meeting. My life is turning out so funny. Not what I would have predicted or expected. I’m loving it and trying so hard not to fight all the good that is happening with trusty pal self sabotage. This is also why I’m going to bed soon.

i started a painting today. It feels so good and right. Of course being me I worry that I’m ateetchbg myself to thin. That I may not be able to be great at everything. And this is indeed true. I rarely cook for myself Anymore. I like cooking, but just don’t. So I need to make sure I get all my nutrients. Learning about Alzheimer’s and dementia at work I see causes: head injury and b12 deficiency and think— well I know what’s in store for me. But I don’t. Not at all really. Except that the basic structure of my day will stay the same.  

An eyelash got into my eye and is painful. A sign it’s time to sleep.  

Ha det bra alle sammen. 


Christina Osheim