the nursing resident is coming out of his shell. We read for about 30-40 minutes today and he was active. He was moving his hands, wiping his eyes, touching my hands and understanding what I was reading about neuroplasticity. When I was leaving he said 3 words. I was so excited I can’t quite remember but am pretty sure they were “I think that” 


Last week he was really trying to get words out one day and he got 3 out today.  it is so wonderful. I need to remind myself that slow and steady wins the race. I can be overwhelming when I get excited or feel deeply. It is great when I remember to breathe and remember it isn’t about me.

i am beat though. I’ve gotten lots of things done, my students rocked the finishing portion of the vase project and are going to take clay class with me!!! Whooo to the hoo! 

after work I spent an hour and 15 minutes at the dmv and came home and napped until it was time to work again. Slowly but surely I am getting this all done. I took my first solo reading just now from my tarot deck. It is a good reading, seems very apt. Addiction was a feature of 2 or the cards and creativity in 2.

i was really wanting to read for fun. But am now a yawning machine. I’m going to start getting up at 5 because I think that’s a way or the way to make this mad life work. 

i must say it is so strange packing my work to ship. I feel detached- almost like I am a drone fulfilling a mission- I have trouble seeing the value of the work right now- it just has become a product. I’m sure Freud would say something about detachment setting in or something else.  But then I have never really gotten to know Freud’s viewpoints on psychology. It’s not a Freudian slip for me, but a Freudian blip! Hahahaha. Oh god I’m a nut.  

Til tomorrow.  If you're in the US and able you can vote tomorrow!! And remember that the Republican Party has become the part of bigots, racists, mysoginists, rapists, Nazis & hate on a fast track to destroying democracy and the world. 


Christina Osheim