I am tired. My feet are twitching the time to go to sleep nerve dance of the demented. (I really just like alliteration, not demented. At least not yet...)  

I pretty much sort of took the night off. I did putzy work. But necessary. Heating the studio is going to be a bitch. I need to write something up with a breakdown and for me I think I’ll need two $1200 heaters. *sigh* and see if my studio mate is onboard. 

G. Is coming along. His eyes were so light this morning. We were holding hands and working with touch and control. He was feeling my hand and brought it up to his face and *chomp* decided to see if I was bought filled. No skin was broken, it was pretty funny actually. And a big reminder to not take this lightly. 

and book club! And party and a day off. I’m getting more and more demented now .sleeeeeep

Christina Osheim