I started writing some big thing. It was turning into an excuse which is lame.

right now I am exhausted. Super exhausted. And I don’t know if there will be s time to breathe and reboot big scale until Xmas when my bro and sis in law are here. (I CANNOT WAIT!!) 

my goal is to accept snd deal that I will feel tired and a bit middling for most of this month with bits of YES! LOVE IT! And joy. I get a handful each day and they are marvelous. I also get some lows. And I work to not let myself spiral. Or write stories before they happen.  

Today has been good. Very good. G. Was so alert this morning. We read s bunch snd he clasped my hand. He is coming out. I have grown to love him so much. It’s interesting how you can begin to communicate by being present, listening, observing and touching. Your psyches become friends. Pretty rad. 

i also had thanksgiving with A. And her brood. It was great. I played connect 4 with E. and A. And observed an epic monopoly battle rage. So good. And got ideas from W. About how to go about heating my studio.  

And my stuff is on amazon now. I bought mom a bouquet of flowers when I was getting shampoo and toothpaste. Dropped them off with the news and it was perfect.  

I also am going to bring my sun lamp home. And maybe look into more. The Darkness is not my favorite.  

Okay. Sleep time.  



Christina Osheim