Tonight I feel static. Like white noise. I remember reading that in college when I was going through my snooty intellectual book phase. It’s really good. But it’s also pretty morbid in an artistically mute mirage of miasma. I really did like it though. And white noise is actually a good descriptor of how I feel.

Right now i feel so vulnerable. I just put work out into a new platform. It is the next right thing and i am glad I am doing it, just unsure of how it will go. And goddamn I miss making so much. Heat needs to get figured out snd this snd that. So I will listen to my advice to myself from this last anniversary: breathe and reboot. Let go and let god. Trust it will work out. 

one of the moon rituals I did the last part was writing to yourself things to help you stay in fullness. I thought I had written mine and at the last moment I wrote: stay fearless, stay wild, care and love.   

So that is what I will try to do. 

a girlfriend came over and we just were. Closeness is so wonderful when just being near each other gives strength support and love. #lovemylife #clay4life

Night  all!  


Christina Osheim