I guess i saved Monday’s post instead of save/publish. Whooops. 

i got up early to select my images. I will go get the new pics and my beloved sculpture during lunch today. It feels unreal. I’ve got a boat load of crap to do. I’m managing to do it, god knows how, and am just letting go. 

I have a friend who will sometimes pull rank— more years of sobriety- and give sage counsel (im not joking here, it is helpful) and will often end with something like “May you someday find this.” It is hilarious and infuriating. Perhaps that is why that statement is apt as I go 😱 and feel like a toddler with a case if the terrible twos. The reason I brought that up is right now I wonder if this is what it is about- what the counsel states: you try to carefully and calmly to “eat your dinner” with precise action and intent and know you can do no more.  

god, that sounds so passive to me. And I know that read is how I can decide to look at it when I am feeling anxious. But really it is hopeful. I can do what I can do and the rest is out of my control. With the exception of how I think act and react during that time. 

The good news is it’s 7:10 am and I’m feeling on top of what I need to do to get this app in before the 5pm deadline and what tasks I need to do to get ready for ArtCho tomorrow.  




Christina Osheim