I worry this post will be a bad imitation of an we Cummings verse...

bombs away!  

Today I took a day for myself. I have been trying to do that more and more- sticking to one thing and taking the time to do it right. Treat my time as the gift it is and alllocate it with care and judgement. 

I got everything for my first amazon ready to be dropped off at ups Monday morning. Huzzah! I also redid my personal website- took a good hard look at the facts I have in front of me and am making plans and following them. 

i have decided that manifesting is my current theme. I did leave my apt to go hang out with a good friend. I met her when very first sober at game night when I was leaving. Somehow is both being artists came up and I gave her a card and she emailed me. It’s so funny how these small things can really change a life. I love hanging with her as we can draw, paint, talk about souls and life spans and soul intentions. She has helped my walk merrily down new paths that I have been interested in for a while. AND!!!!!!’ AND! She got me a belated birthday present- a bicycle helmet that has a good rating for impact. Soon she and I will go on practice rides so that I am comfortable and natural and can commute sans carbon.  

It has felt really good getting this stuff done. After the next box gets ready to ship out the. It’s time to manifest my packaging shelf at my studio. My bedroom that I have kept pretty tidy since moving in has now become laden with boxes, bubble wrap, air pillows and more... 

i think I will try to go see my nursing buddy tomorrow before church. I don’t have a time clock to punch so I should go grab some clay first. 




#imanerd 😆 


Christina Osheim