after work today I spent a very frustrating hour at my bank asking questions and contesting something I saw on my bill. The lead banker who got called in to talk to me/explain things was incredibly condescending and could not or would not understand why I was confused or frustrated. It turned into her taking pleasure in proving me wrong down to the tiniest itty bitty detail. I didn’t scream I didn’t shout I gave her my Nordic ice share said a quiet thank you got up and left. 

I boiled for a bit and then 1/2 let it go. Now before bed I need to pray for her. An honest prayer and a good one as my justified anger was just. So I prayed/am praying for whatever in her life that is giving her pleasure about being a not very nice eases up and she  can find some happiness and spread it. 

I will say that again tomorrow. And really keep saying it until thinking about it doesn’t make me mad.

i do love my job at OLOP. These people have become a part of my life I couldn’t imagine not having. My dear nursing resident spoke a little more. He was almost fluttering! I spoke to the president and we are going to get him an Amazon fire tablet for BOT kindle sketch pad etc. I am thinking i will go in tomorrow and try to do some one on one with him for more than 15-20 minutes. There’s s movie i the elephant and the whale or something like that I saw a while back and think he might like. It’s just amazing to see his face transform. He’s doing it!!!  

I also was matchmaker between two German nursing residents. I downloaded German radio to my iPad and they were listening to it. He couldn’t take her eyes off her and she was a German chatterbox and blushing. It was sooo sweet. He kept trying to get out of his wheelchair snd I had to keep reminding him he couldn’t do that. so now German radio date is another thing on my OLOP to do list 😄

I’m still plugging away at Amazon and have this weekend to do it. I decommissioned my last website and am going to keep moving onward and upward.  

Change is coming. Or is here. Happening. I am beginning to manifest. I came home snd stayed home. Worked snd putzed snd am now in bed. Tomorrow I have s day to actualize whatever can be. 

So I’m off to sleep. Maybe I’ll hsve Dali dreams a la spellbound  

Christina Osheim