my resident is continuing to come out of his shell. It is so astounding to see him continue to work and make these connections. He is trying to get words out, sometimes he can, but he’s trying to work his vocal chords. I tell him now proud i am and that he is a joy for me right now. He is. Each idea I come up with he leaps at. Next plan to get an amazon fire for him. With a sketch pad app he could use. 

I spent the afternoon taking care of the Viking quartet and after having a good long chat with their mom, who is becoming a very dear friend. The kids were great. They were kids of course but we had a blast. There is nothing like being cuddled up on a couch under a wool blanket watching chicken run, arms around the twins waists and the middle child presses up against me.  

Im pretty happy. Things are seeming slightly frustrating with my business. But that frustration is due to the time it takes to do it right. And I am trying. So so hard!  

Ok. Bedtime. Gnite! 


Christina Osheim