I’m pretty happy right now. There’s lots of minutia that is getting figured out that can be annoying, but it’s getting figured it. I’m starting to wean myself from many a bad habit I’ve formed over the years. Baby steps and baby goals.

i applied to get my logo trademarked. It feels so big. And yet... not. It’s just the next step. I wonder about my brand moving forward and me racing to catch up. I dunno. Lots of details. But they’re all getting worked out. 

im going to try the mental neuroplasticity thing in my nerve pain in my feet and legs. See if I can conquer some of it as I race up and down the steps at Acac.  

the other cool thing about all of this is I am getting really happy being me. I am beginning to set goals and expectations that are realistic. Accept I can’t by force of will change anything other than my serenity level. I do miss clay and art so much. And I will get back to it when this stuff is wrapped up. Now, the next right thing is some zzzz’e. Tomorrow am I’m having breakfast coffee with my good friend the surgeon. She’s on night shifts right now and I found her the cutest Christmas ornament. A dr in scrubs w a stethoscope with hearts around it. She’ll kove it! 

Christina Osheim