my boxes are inching closer and closer to shipment. Things take time. Business, art, passions, play, sleep...

ive been pondering time today. I believe that there are multiple forms of time we are living by, not just the 24 hrs defined by the earth orbit.  

I messaged a friend, a lovely lady who has this incredible mind body yogic practice I am feeling so inspired by. I was thinking of how slow these steps are taking as it’s first time and I’m habing to educate myself. I mentioned the pace of the hare, thinking it was tortoise and when she claimed the tortoise went- whoooops, that’s what I meant.  

But perhaps that right there probes had indeed I chose right. My head takes big dive somewhere and can go quickly and reason, sense, and logic with a big touch of practicality and realism have to catch up to take what is good and make it better and shed the rest. 

i am working harder to control those impulses, but not too hard as they (my impulses) can also have a lot of good in them. There’s some post somewhere saying “half my mind wandered off. The other half went to find it” YUP! That can be me. 

and so I spent the day trying to make my websites match and connect appropriately  and buying upcs and blah blah blah. And I will continue the work tomorrow. I drew myself with my new sketch pad that’s pretty great! 

ok y’all. To bed. Sleep well!!! 

also- my bro called me last night and we had a nice talk. Now that I am sober and finally beginning to act sober I realize how similar he and I are. He is one of the best unexpected joys. We are truly friends. When he calls I am excited. We compare notes on jobs, lives, projects and life. Gratitude lists, my bro is up there.  

if i wake up early enough I may try to wax my legs. Wish me luck!  


Christina Osheim