It’s 9:35 and I am just now home after leaving this morning at 8. I am in my pajamas and in bed. 

things are going well, just busy. And not giving me any time to do the things that make me click. Like my art. The painting the oil is still dying but clay. Clay is in boxes saying “mold me, mold me!” 

and it’s getting cold. And and and... 


yesterday my talk went well. People responded positively and I’m glad it helped. That is the point after all, how can my journey aid someone in theirs. 


and today went well. My resident is coming out of his shell. His pretty blue eyes were sharp. He was excited about the old iPhone I gave him with big headphones. He selected a book right away and is looking engaged. This afternoon when I was reading to him he was so close to speaking. You could see the words were trying to come out and there was an invisible wall holding them back. When I started to read he kind of burped/gargles and it almost sounded like he was clearing his airways for the words to pop out. When I did hear him speak his voice is nice. 

It is now 9:41 and I am tired and feel a bit empty. Like I’ve given all of me away today and am this shell that feels empty and a bit lonely and sad. So I will take this time for me to read or watch something for a bit and fall asleep to get filled up for tomorrow.  


Christina Osheim