My life MO since recovery has been to explore ideas and new experiences/opportunities even if I am not quite sure if I know what I’m doing— the not quite sure meaning exploring an avenue that would give my creativity and give my work another facet or trying something I’ve wanted to do but never had the courage to by myself. Belly dancing is a good example of that and something I am so thankful I’ve done. 

And so I’m starting a podcast: clay, creativity & recovery. I’ve registered my “slug” hahahahaha 🤦‍♀️ 🐌 and am now starting the development stage. Aka have it simmering in the back of my mind. Eeeeeeeeek! Not sure how this will work out, but it feels right.  

The meeting I went to last night talked about the 10th tradition and the St Francis Praywer. It was a very good reminder to me that as I struggle to find my own joy for myself I should keep working and giving it away. Helping others staying busy. Of course this podcast will be similar to this blog - something that does help clarify- but hopefully give readers some insight from my openness.  

it feels right though as more and more I’m talking to people who are struggling in similar manners and starting to find creative avenues to realign their life. For me recovery is focused on addiction, but it is a large umbrella that can include many things. Same with clay (the idea) and creativity.

and so I’m off to the races today to see what’s afoot at OLOP.  


Christina Osheim