Oh boy. Yesterday was such a good day. I was and still am exhausted, but I believe it is the exhaustion of good work done.

The awesome thing about sobriety is it has given me the courage and say snd do and act on things and ideas and dreams I would have been to timid or scared to before. I have embraced the fact that when I kept myself isolated I became an A+ addict and sobriety means the freedom to go after plans and goals that otherwise I would have been to scared of to do. 

All of this long winded explanation is to say that yesterday ROCKED for my studio, business, practice, students & me!!!! I had my first drop in day student. I wasn’t there, have him the code and left out support and he threw a beeeeeeyutiful bowl. I met him after and we talked more about studio specifics and answers any questions.  

I then stopped by my parents house and said hi and saw my moms best friend, who I lived with for a year in Arlington, and is really a family member. It was great to see her- her husband is currently in Tanzania or a nearby country doing work for the state department.  

I went back to my studio to have my first ever date night!!! A lady i know bought a clay date for two for her boyfriends birthday. I had an idea floating around and they did all of the work themselves!!! It was awesome to see a plan in my head actualizing. I brought a pint of salted caramel ice cream and we all had s belated celebration. 

What I’m learning is that I can plan, work, out out an idea and then trust that if I go in open and caring and sharing and me that the plan, if it’s a good one, will adapt to become what it should be. And if it is a flop I have the confidence to breathe and reboot and go onto the next. And yesterday was not a flop! 

12:30 pm

perhsos this is the way to do it- start in the am and add to it until I fall asleep. I am finding that I kind of like working on weekends. It is a different pace that allows me to work on other things. Today I had some time to focus on someone I’ve had my eye on for s while. There is a resident with a stroke that has left him immobile snd with aphasia. When I’ve interacted with him his eyes don’t have that blank look of dementia or damage that affects intelligence. Today during a sensory starion group I held his hand and talked to him. I told him my experience with TBI snd my TIA abd that I want to communicate snd find a way to give him a voice. And we started communicating by hand taps or grips to signal yes. It still is s guessing game in many ways but the first steps have been laid. I mentioned reading a book about this and looked into books on brains and strokes and brains and neuroplasty and we found one he was interested. I told him that lost my sense of smell- or have just hints of it that come back st times- and to me touch was the most important sense. I told him I thought he’d like pinch pots and that I wanted to do a collaborative piece with him. And i do! 

The best part was that he was excited. I could see light and excitement in his eyes.  

It also shows me that regardless of how I feel about aspects of my life I am doing the work Im meant to do and using my time and talents appropriately. No clue how this will end, but I have found a new partner to collaborate with. High fives life!!  


Christina Osheim