Yesterday my studio day was a studio day, but changed somehow from a me day to a clay day. Hahaha, ceramics does indeed push me. A friend contacted me about throwing this weekend and I have a clay date to teach Saturday and *gasp* no porcelain. So my mom and I took a road trip to Clayworks and it was nice. She had a book on tape that was almost finished and would I mind if she finished it? Of course not! The book took almost the full trip, but that was also nice. I half listened, drove and thought, planned, dreamed and got 500#’s of clay!!!! 

Probably writing this so early is because I saw a picture of a cake mold that captivated my imagination. I can picture it in my little noggin and saw it as part of a group. I’m also thinking that I may touch on kintsugi. I have figured out the next plateau for my sculptural work to build on. I want to start reading and looking at pictures of Japanese armor etc. I do have ideas of using my hair to embroider with.

my poor mom. I always seem to have artistic notions that can destroy the image of a norman Rockwell family. 12 years ago I shaved my head— mr clean shave right before thanksgiving. And 30 years ago my neighbor and I decided to give me a bang... hahahaha. Now it would just be cutting off a hank or shaving the back of my head/neck. Although, as I do mostly wear my hair up that could be strange also. Who knows, it’s just hair and will grow back. 

What i am excited about is working. Getting my hands dirty again. I was moving my green ware around to its new home and feeling the pieces, reacquainting myself.  

Sometimes, aka now, I wonder about kismet in life. i met a lady at Satsang who reached out to me, interested in clay, my studio, clay class, etc. She visited yesterday afternoon while I was making a large plaster mold in a handy dandy saucer sled. Turns out she just rented an office in my studio and gave up being a lawyer to start her own business of life coaching and yoga. Our thoughts and MÓ’s are in line and we started talking about ways that clay or art could be integrated. It’s a cool idea and I am so happy that my studio practice and school is turning into a holistic practice. How awesome. I’m just going to continue to be me and let my studio develop into what it wants to be— aka try and keep my ego or dreams from taking over. 

Speaking of dreams, i reached out to a friend to share my feelings. It’s so funny, in a 🤦🏼‍♀️ Manner how this practice can make you feel so vulnerable, but also be freeing as they are no longer prancing through your “little gray cells” to quote poirot. I am not sure what the response will be other than thoughtful and caring. I do have dreams, but like with sculptural or clay work it becomes a dialogue and always evolves. What I do know is that I will keep working claying, playing and of late knitting. 

Im thinking I might bake my butternut squash this morning. Then it’ll be ready to become soup as the fates deem fit. Then back to OLOP. I wonder what activities are in store. If I’m lucky I’ll get to read “miss Julia speaks her mind”. 

Ok. It’s 6:40. Time to start the day.  


Christina Osheim