today I have off. I slept in and am taking a day for myself- or mostly as at 4 I do have things scheduled. 

Yesterday was so strange. It felt like things were off just a tisch. A lady i know reached out to me around 9am. I spent most of the day with worries of that floating around my head. My events went well and things went well, but I was powerless to do more than I had done. That is so often how things end up. You do what you can but you (I) can’t zoom in and be Florence Nightengale or Mary Poppins. 

I had a free personal trainer session and really like the lady i was with. I am thinking about doing a weekly small class w her to have someone help guide and get my body in shape to do clay and physical work fornhe next as many decades as I’m given.

leaving to go back and clean before teaching and worrying I may have to change plans last minute to take care a matter I started thinking about my slow burn sadness, wondering if perhaps it is a jaunt into self pity that I need to be wary of and shake off. Me wanting to Florence nightengale or mary poppins myself. Hahahaha. *sigh* 🤦‍♀️ 

Clay really is my joy and salvation in so many ways. I did the satsang of clay as a healing process or art and realize how true that is. I will go and clean and just be in my studio. I can and will Mary Poppins that. And from that I have a space to work through my emotions and worries and find joy. I’m telling you my students are the best! It is so great seeing them work and progress and work through the challenges the clay brings. Working and making helps me work through and deal with what’s happening in my noggin. So I must end with how blessed I am that what helps keep me happy and whole and engaged is something I have the honor to do professionally. #letsgetdirty 



Christina Osheim