i don’t work until 9:30! So I’m enjoying coffee and knitting for Xmas. Today should be a good day at works, yesterday was. I got to color and paint and word game with the oldies— SO MUCH FUN! And they have so much fun. It’s such a good fit.  

Last night after my day adventures and book club I went over to a good friend. She had gotten me a mini fruit tart with 2 candles and a small bottle of top shelf tonic!!! Hahaha, I love how well my friends know me!  This was to celebrate 2 years of clean livin!

We had really great conversation about life, souls, past lives, connections and life purposes. I shared how sad I’ve been. I have great moments and days and am loving my life. Except at the end of the day I am just feeling depleted. I told her and believe that there are just some periods in life that is how it is. I am me, bring my joy, curiosity and nerdiness to the world. And am tired and that is natural. And the sadness is me just following the path hp has for me. Doing the next right thing, giving, sharing, loving, laughing and working my tail off. That patience is the lesson I am learning. Enjoy the small things in the day. Live in the present, be in the now. 

Sooooo! Im knitting, drinking delicious coffee, will get to paint pumpkins again today and have adventures that will culminate in studio time. And studio clean time will ultimately end in me having s tidy and organized space that I can WORK IN!!! Which i believe will calm this sadness and loneliness.  

Christina Osheim