I’m at least starting todays blog early. (Partially laziness as I want to sip coffee and put off the work I need to do) and well. Yeah. Laziness. Productive procrastination. Both Latin based and in this case redundency resulting. (Also two Latin based words. AAAAAH!!! Latin nerds unite!!!) 

In another round of procrastination *sigh* I was trolling Facebook and read some article titled something like “If you’re gonna start a blog in 2018 DONT!” I was curious and read (skimmed) it.  

To summarize - it is no longer profitable - the blog $$$ industry has over indulged and needs a slim fast regimen.

getting your blog to appear when searched for is close to impossible.  

Theee people don’t habe the attention spans for blogs anymore


It was strange. As I can see the validity for all of those points but they’ve been true for a while now *ahem, 2017*  

Seriously though, I feel like blogs as a revenue stream really began happening about a decade ago with Perez Hilton (I did follow his blog for quite a while... Hahahaha, oh man. This blog is turning into nuggets of hidden secrets that probably aren’t actually secrets) I saw the blog go from blog to business and it turned me off. It is the Kardashian kurse.  

I had a brief moment of thinking I could be like Julie and Julia and gain fame and a following from that. But the kicker is it was Julia Child who was leading that pack and that following not the author. The author was just piggybacking. I have watched the movie more than once and really like it. But I like it because of Julia Child. 

I’d be lying if I said I have stopped wanting fame. I was talking with my friend yesterday at the museum about ideas that are in my head about the type of work and community I’m starting to build here- that it could be part of a revolution in bringing art from high ball to low ball. A leveling of the vast chasm that is occurring in art not unlike the financial situation of this county. I’m sick of grandiose artists showing they’ve got the biggest ____ in the room. How can you take the idea and really hone it down to its purity and make it readily available. It’s a lot of dreaming. And sort of silly. But not. As I am quite serious in this being part of my work process and aspiration.

But what I don’t want is to turn into a cash over quality or authenticity business. I can think at times - how can I earn money from this - how can I make a profit. That is a very different question from “is this profitable?” The latter is the question I want to ask in my business. The former cheapens it for me.  

I wrote a class plan for teaching clay to the kids at my church. Which I would love to do. And I just made it the material costs and firing costs.  


Whoa! A number of hours later @ 10;54pm. Circles are my favorites for so many reasons. another loop just made itself known. And life simultaneously contracts and expands. Wow oh wow. 

Im going to dream of circles tonight. 😴  

Christina Osheim