I just saw one of the best shows. It was mind blowing in ways I didn’t expect it to be. I went with a good friend and we had fun! So often I see people in museums looking somber and serious. It’s in a museum, therefor it is Important. It’s not important. But Important. Proper noun worthy. 

I find this such a strange thing in ways. I can’t say always or every and glob entire fields together. But in an annoyingly unspecific vague way I find that in most museums there is an element of the ridiculous in it. Take it, ridiculous away, and insert mad, obsessive, relentless, absurd. Meaning that museums are focusing on objects, fields, people, professions who have questioned as infinitum and come up with noteworthy results. 

and that level of hutzpah has an element of humor. In a Museum I marvel at an elephant tusk carved with a sculpture of Eros and friends. Basically a bas relief orgy on a very large white dildo that is done superbly. The placement of ass to penis head in wow! So lifelike. But it is Art. And Important. And Art Noveau. And in a Museum. “Aaaaaaaaaah” and the hallelujah chorus gets played as a ray of sunlight descends down unto the tip.  


So I see and have fun with the work. I let it take me on adventures. My friend and I named all of the warriors present. I’m sure we looked a bit ridiculous laughing and making up stories. But we were engaged. They weren’t just fleshy clay objects they were interactive gateways into something new. my friend was asking me if I thought 100 years ago their minds were as dirty as ours. And I think of course!

we also had great conversation about our lives and how we strive to live the best lives we can.

So it was a good day. A very good day. And now at 10:54 it’s time to say adieu. Or ha det!

Christina Osheim