I am feeling so full right now. It is funny, in Norwegian full means drunk. I am not drunk (thank goodness!) but I feel full. And a bit loopy from that fullness. 

I know that the fullness is coming from feeling and letting myself feel. When you’re not living in extremes you can have feelings that are like 50 sided die. — complex. I hame having fibrous feelings, the fiber is good for your body, makes it take longer to digest and maintains a lean physique. Complex proteins, longer to break down.  

Tomorrow I will be placing a number of orders that are going to be important for what is to come. It is. Well, it is making a decision.  

I spend the afternoon finishing drawings for decals at a coffee shop and chatting with a good friend. We talked about a lot and it was good. I’m trying to share what I need to share while being anonymous. This blog is so good for me to vent my feelings and thoughts but I try to not name others. Except my sis in law (hola, hope hobbits loved her turkey! Gobble gobble indeed!) right now there is personal stuff that will be happening that I can’t control. I soon will have to put my game face back on. And so it’s almost like I’m trying to feel all of my doubts and uncertainties now when I can do it in prIvate. When I can hiccup and stutter and burp and well... feel full and not seem drunk. I am trying to answer all of the questions and looks and sighs of hesitancy I fear I will face. 

But today I saw two good fiends, texted with a third, got some work done and really shouldn’t be complaining. I also found drawings in a sketchbook I’d forgotten about. Merry Christmas indeed! I have about 4 I won’t ink and those will be a present for the future. But super fun to see and remember what I was thinking. Fun fun fun! 

some of these babies will be decals and on clay! 


Christina Osheim