life is gloriously bizarre and silly. I just bought the cutest chicken feet things for my stress relieving fidget eggs made out of porcelain after putting drawings of mine of dicks on a blue tile. Blue balls to the nth.

this is the stuff that is keeping me up to all hours of the night. 

Lunacy, ludicrousness, luminance, lustrous, lithesome, and laughable. Laughable is key.

I am laughing my way through life with the best of them. I never have thought I was funny, and really don’t think I’m that funny. Just a nerd who enjoys word play and bad/sad puns. 

i am like poor Pluto. A declassified planet who orbits ohbthe outer edge. Everyone wants to bring Pluto into the flock, but poor Pluto is standing by his (why Pluto is male is beyond me) small, icy self and putting his moon orbits in the air (don’t think poor Pluto has any moons...)  but that is saying ok too termknallg unique and that is not good. 

Im unique as j am the kinky 15.? Month Sober lady who feels like she was on one hell of a bender last night. Whoooos! Kerosene heater is to blame. By by heater.


kk she’s are blurring. Gnite! 

Christina Osheim