I don’t know what to write.  

Is it a dead and bloody horse that I have to share (repetition as nauseum, ad infinitum)? 

Is it a stupid funny thing that happened? 

Is it I worked and am in the middle of creative clay adventures? 

dont know. Got nothin.  Good stuff. Good day. Good people. Goodness gracious good......? 

I’m excited and worried and glad and sad and joyous and jittery and dreampt of smoking last night. My twinkle tingle toes are tapping their own rhythm and I’m loving it but haven’t deciphered the pattern.

im at this I’m looking so damn carefully at everything. Directing to the nth that I am losing the ability to see. But I’m not overworking into a mania I’m just working solidly and then not. Having faith that I won’t fuck up or that how I do fuck up will be a baby fuck. A quickie and not a 7 day tantric sex orgy. ... NOPE!!! It’ll just be decathlon called NY NOW.

dear sister in law, I am so sorry that sex metaphors/analogies seem to be what my tired little mind is coming up with. I gave away drawings to people who donated to my campaign and had to pull my raunchy mandalas. I didn’t say why i was pulling them, I just pulled. 

It will be fine. I will be fine. I will breathe and sleep and make and be and more good than bad will come out of what Is to be. In fact, (sorry horsey) the good thing is. I’m holding myself together sort of. We’ll see if it stands. 

i have had my 20 minutes of love today. Not the sexy variety but the good clean sober living version. Sooooo, blog buddies, I’m off for more adventures! Til tomorrow  

Christina Osheim