In church today a kid I take care of was looking restless during the service. So I gave him a drawing of mine to color. Which he did! And did brilliantly! I am now starting to keep markers in my bag because it was so great to watch. He made it better. It was really sweet.


i also saw I, Tonya which was really good! I thought Allison Janey was superb. And the movie. My friend also clued me in on which I have signed up for. More movies will be in my future which will be so great!!! It makes total sense business wise. Movies don’t make $$ from ticket sales, they make it from concession. So making it easier for people to enter means they are more likely to spend the 10-14 on snacks.

my shit is starting to come together. I’m feeling steadier. I’m also feeling more accepting of things. I want what I want, but can’t always have it. And that is fine. Or ok. The great thing is, though, that what I have is also what I want. I want more, of course. But I wouldn’t change the big details of my life at all.

So 20 minutes of loving today came pretty darn easy. I am ready for what is ahead. Go forward and pull the trigger. Make magic happen. Keep developing my friendships here in town, in & out of the rooms. Just be me. Quirky happy odd me. I feel like hobbit, my pug niece is my animal doppelgänger. I’ve got David the gnome, hobbit the pup, Anne of green gables and ...? Queen Christina Marie of Sweden!!! Hahahahahaha that one will never get old.

So my friends, bedtime awaits.

Christina Osheim