Today has been. Well. A roller coaster in many ways but ultimate good. I am trying to be me and be honest. It is a journey. A swirly spiraling sloppy sinister and salacious sine graph. (I also adore alliterations- always amusing... hahahahaha, I’m such a nerd). 


someone said that to me last week. They looked a bit bemused and sounded surprised — “you really are a nerd.” Yup.  

I am learning. What I have started to learn is as soon as I want to name names and get specific I am getting too off my game and gossiping and fostering resentments. If I can’t talk about what I am thinking, worried about, or frustrated about while being discreet I have no reason to say it. 

I am catching myself. It is so cool! Wow. Who’da thunk. 

11:15. I’m sleeeepy. I mad cleaned settled and bowled. I had a nice cab day! 

Christina Osheim